Christmas Eve Workout and Potluck
Texas Ford Aquatics Masters will be hosting a workout and potluck on December 24th (Christmas Eve)

You’ve no doubt heard the expression - "no pain, no gain"
The workout is simple - 100 x 100’s. That’s the pain!
The potluck afterwards is the gain.

If that sounds dull, don’t despair. Gone are the days when a  coach would declare "100x100s...GO!" The session will include kicking, drilling, pulling, descending, and stroke work to mix it up and keep it interesting..

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Masters Coach Certification

U.S. Masters Swimming is hosting a USMS level 3 Masters coach certification course on Saturday December 3, 2016 in Dallas, Texas


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2016 North Texas LMSC Go the Distance Challenge!
Whether you swim for fitness or competition, North Texas Masters Swimming has a challenge to help you meet your 2016 goals. This challenge is open to all North Texas master swimmers registered with U.S. Masters Swimming. Read more ...