Drylands Seminar At Coopers Aerobics Center

We have received great feedback from those who were able to attend our dryland seminar on Oct 12th with JR Rosania (www.jrhealthplex.net) at Cooper Craig Ranch.  It started out with an optional one hour swim practice coached by volunteers Patrick Kennedy (Cooper Craig Ranch Masters Coach) and Steve Morris (Plano Wetcat Masters Coach).  The weather was a clear and sunny 90 degrees with about an 81 degree water temp in the awesome outdoor 50M pool.  Sure is fun to have so many people from different teams come together for a workout and something that we will definitely have to do again.

This was followed by a one hour classroom session where JR reviewed his history with Olympic swimmers and how we can incorporate some of those same techniques.  We saw video of the athletes in action demonstrating the exercises.  We learned the value of “specificity of training” when it comes to mimicking your dryland work to the specific swim stroke.  It provided insight on why it might be a good idea to move from the bench press to bouncing weight balls!

This was followed by an hour on the weight/workout floor at Cooper – and if you have never been out there – WOW – what a great fitness club!  JR supervised as we grouped ourselves in the various exercise rotations.  I think it is safe to say that many of those routines looked easier on the video than they actually were when you tried them out yourself!  JR was great in providing one on one guidance and stayed for an extra 30 minutes answering specific workout related questions.

Several handouts were distributed during the seminar and others have followed to the participants via email.  We will be sure and let everyone know if we can get JR back out for a follow up!

Swimmers getting 'ripped' at Coopers

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