Why you would benefit from joining a local Masters Team!

Many adults find themselves at the local fitness center swimming back and forth for exercise. Self-instruction only getting them so far. Yet they steer away from any organized version of the sport as they worry that they have poor technique, no speed, and the only knowledge they have about Butterfly is that it has wings and is quite pretty.

Well don’t be intimidated. Masters swimming just means that you are over the age of 18.
There are hundreds of Masters swim programs all over the country, and joining one will benefit you as much as you will let it.

Who are these Master Swimmers. Well, you will find former high school and college swimmers, sharing lanes, alongside triathletes, open water,and fitness swimmers. All levels of ability. Some swim all strokes extremely well, some swim one stroke well, others would like to learn a new stroke.
The one thing they all have in common is a love of swimming and a desire to be fit. Some join to compete in Masters Swim meets, many more, however, join for the comradarie and accountability.

Workouts are written by knowledgeable swim coaches and they will help you build endurance and speed. They will also push you to do more than you would training on your own.
Having a coach on deck looking at your stroke and correcting your technique as you train will do wonders as you build up strength and gain speed.

When you swim you will be grouped in a lane with other swimmers that are of similar ability and/or speed as you.
Masters programs tend to have a consistent practice time, which makes it easier to schedule your
training. You look forward to the camaraderie of your fellow swimmers, and instead of a lonely sport it turns into a social sport that isn’t the lonely plodding thing you used to do at the fitness center. Your team mates miss you when you don’t show up. Who else are they going to razz at 6am in the morning.  Besides a little competition with people of similar abilities goes a long way.

What are your goals in life? Do you want to get fit? Participate in a Triathlon? Compete in a meet?
Whatever your answer Just Do It.

The hardest part is the first step. Walking in and joining a team. Ask to try it out for a week,
As the USMS website states “You don’t need to be in shape to start Masters swimming. Masters swimming will help you get there.”